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7 fun things to do in Ho Chi Minh city

This beautiful and historic cathedral was built in the 1800s.

Ho Chi Minh city is a really impressive and nice city. Despite its rapid modernization, it still has many historical buildings and they are really well-maintained.

These are the places that you can visit if you are in Ho Chi Minh city:

1. Ho Chi Minh City Museum

Ho Chi Minh City Museum is a former palace known as the Gia Long Palace. It was built in 1885 as the residence for the Governor of Cochinchina.

It is situated near the Independence Palace. When you visit the museum, do check out the underground tunnels.

These underground tunnels were one of the most important aspects of life in pre-war Vietnam and were built to help officials escape in the event of a coup.

This informative museum depicts life in old South Vietnam.

2. The Independence Palace

Just beside Ho Chi Minh City Museum is the historical Independence Palace. Formerly known as Norodom Palace, it was built as a home and workplace for the former president of South Vietnam.

It is a very informative museum because almost all exhibitions are arranged to show how life was during the functioning days of South Vietnam.

At the Independence Palace, do check out the War Room and the Communications Room as well as the underground tunnels.

3. Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

Its official name is Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception. The cathedral was built in the 1800s.

The design of the cathedral is similar to the cathedrals of France. This cathedral is still in use today.

You will love the tranquillity inside. There are tiles showing some of the people who donated to the maintenance of this historical cathedral.

Make sure to visit the Notre-Dame of the East during your Ho Chi Minh city tour.

This beautiful building depicts the architecture of different themes.

4. Saigon Central Post Office

After the cathedral, walk down the road just a bit to the Saigon Central Post Office.

This post office built in the 1800s boasts architectural designs of different themes. Do send a postcard or two to your friends and family as a thoughtful souvenir.

This elegant building is not open to the public but makes for lovely pictures.

5. Ho Chi Minh City Hall

As you walk along the main road back to the Ben Thanh Market, you will see an elegant building near a beautifully-curated square.

This is Ho Chi Minh City Hall. In 1975, the name was officially changed to Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee.

This building is not open to the public but it is a great place for you to take a photo or two before continuing to explore Ho Chi Minh city.

These spring rolls are refreshing and tasty.

6. Local food

After the walking tour, it’s best to visit a local restaurant to sample some of their local food. Vietnamese spring rolls are particularly refreshing and tasty.

7. Ben Than Market

Do visit Ben Than Market. Souvenirs are abundant and the local coffee beans taste amazing. You must buy some as memories of your walkabout in Ho Chi Minh city.

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