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Britain’s best bakeries

Warm loaves, showstopping cakes and the flakiest pastries out there, Britain’s baking culture needs little introduction. For your next bread run, don’t miss out on any of the below – this is our edit of the best bakeries in Britain.

The Little Bread Pedlar in London

The croissants are both filled and topped with almonds

The croissants are both filled and topped with almonds

Open to the public only one day a week, The Little Bread Pedlar remains one of London‘s bakeries to visit. Tucked deep within industrially chic Bermondsey, beyond the main thoroughfares of Bermondsey Street and Maltby Street Market, The Little Bread Pedlar is housed in the area’s signature railway arches. Its location is a nod to its origins, as it was here where the owners first met at a roller disco party and began their bicycle-delivery service, peddling brownies all across London. These days while the brownies are still an essential eat, it’s the bread and the almond croissants that turn heads. Intensely-crusted sourdough bread is sliced to reveal a deeply creamy and textured loaf, while the dusted almond croissants, filled with almonds, bronzed butter and sugar, are unrivalled in their crunch, look and flavour. These sell out fast so prepare for an early morning rise by staying close at Hicks Apartment.

Flint Owl Bakery in Lewes

Try the crusty white and wholemeal sourdough loaves

Try the crusty white and wholemeal sourdough loaves

Flint Owl Bakery’s pretty facade draws visitors in but it’s the bread that keeps them coming back. Long fermented and unleavened breads are the bakery’s speciality, where stoneground flour, water from their own well and sea salt are the only ingredients they stick to. And what they bake speaks for itself; round and crusty wholemeal sourdough loaves, pumpkin and poppy seed breads and savoury dark ryes are just a few of the options. Breads aside, their sweet treats are just as worthy of attention, from banoffee mini cakes to gingerbread and chocolate-orange curd slices. Treat yourself to any of these and sit yourself down in the airy interior or outside on the cobbled patio. On your way out, grab yourself a dusted oaty loaf as you make your way back to The Hayloft and its bucolic surroundings.

Brød in Cardiff

Brød translates to bread in Danish – and that's what you'll find here

Brød translates to bread in Danish – and that’s what you’ll find here

Named after the Danish word for bread, Brød is a Danish-style bakery that excels in bread-baking. Inspired by the owner’s grandfather who was a baker in Copenhagen, the bakery is built around two fundamental principles – real baking techniques and hygge (broadly speaking the Danish concept for cosiness and contentedness). Every morning, an assortment of rye loaves and spelt breads are baked fresh, while the gorgeously iced and gooey swirls of cinnamon buns are stacked along the bakery counter. Cinnamon naturally plays a starring role in all the pastries here so don’t miss out on the marbled cinnamon rod (Kanelstang) or the caramel-coloured Æble Snegl – a glorious joining of buttery pastry, warm apple filling and sprinkings of cinnamon sugar. Treat yourself to the bakery’s afternoon tea set and leave no pastry untasted before you inevitably need a lie down – Church Guesthouse is mercifully close.

The Manna House Bakery & Patisserie in Edinburgh

For all kinds of mille-feuille, this is the place

For all kinds of mille-feuille, this is the place

An artisan bakery perched just behind Edinburgh’s Calton Hill, The Manna House Bakery & Patisserie is a lovely stop for picking up a loaf or whiling away the afternoon in. All dark floorboards, low pendant lighting and high-backed wooden chairs adorned with gingham-style cushions, it’s a cosy environment even before you’re distracted by the array of baked goods on display. Rows upon rows of warm bread rolls, thick sesame bagels, nutty soda breads and crusty sourdough loaves make up the bread portion of the bakery, while for pastry lovers, choose from pistachio cheesecake, orange polenta cake and light, frilly and delicately-layered mille-feuille. Breakfast and savoury options are also available, so give yourself a generous smear of cream cheese on a warm sourdough bagel. Head out for a wander in one of the many nearby parks and spend the night at restful The Hedges Bed & Breakfast.

The Bakehouse in Nottingham

Try The Bakehouse's award-winning sourdough loaves

Try The Bakehouse’s award-winning sourdough loaves

Centuries-old techniques and simple ingredients are the backbone of The Bakehouse’s baking strategy. Here, additive-free doughs are lovingly rolled, kneaded and baked, where they form rough bready treasures that are stockpiled on the storefront shelves and crates. Home to an award-winning sourdough, you’ll be able to source a range of breads here that include pale ciabattas and wonderfully springy challah loaves. The Bakehouse also serves as a popular brunch spot and occasional supper club, so the savoury dishes are not to be missed; think wild mushroom with truffle and parmesan cream on toast, or english muffins with charred chorizo, fried eggs and smoked paprika. It’s an all day affair here so be sure to stay within walking distance – Magdala Apartment is a 20-minute stroll away.

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