• Investment banks like Morgan Stanley are already starting to research the flying car ecosystem of the future.
  • The bank has put together a list of 40 stocks that are primed to perform when these new technologies take over.
  • Some names, like Tesla, UPS or Amazon, you might have guessed make the list. Others, like electronics makers and semiconductor companies, are also on the list for their under-the-hood manufacturing. 

If you want to invest in automakers, there are plenty of exchange-traded funds that will help you do that.

And for more broad investment themes — like cryptocurrencies or environmental responsibility — there are incredibly specific ETF’s built to track a specific idea.

But for something as nascent as flying cars and taxi drones, you may have to build your own portfolio. Luckily, Morgan Stanley has done some of the homework for you in compiling the “Urban Air 50” a group of more than four dozen stocks it says are ready to reap the rewards of a robust urban air transportation network and rollout.

“As part of our collaboration across Morgan Stanley, we have constructed a diversified list of stocks that, in our collective view, are most exposed to the adoption of Urban Air Mobility,” the team said in its report. “The list is populated irrespective of specific 12-month recommendations, and, so, includes some Underweight-rated names, in addition to Equal-weight- and Overweight-rated names.”

Here’s the full list of 40 names: