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Google honours Malaysia’s ‘national dish’ nasi lemak in its Doodle for today

Google’s Doodle for Jan 31, 2019 is a tribute to nasi lemak.
Google Doodle screengrab, Berita Harian


Fragrant coconut rice, ikan bilis, fried chicken, a sunny side up and lots of sambal. There are no words that can describe the wonderful flavours of nasi lemak, and Google knows it.

The search giant paid tribute to nasi lemak – which it says is “considered the national dish of Malaysia” – in an animated video Doodle on Thursday (Jan 31).

Popular in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, nasi lemak is often eaten in the morning, and was described by Google as a “humble delicacy” which is “believed to have originated as a hearty farmer’s breakfast on the west coast of the Malaysian peninsula”.

On Google’s Doodle page, a description of the animation referenced the legend of Mak Kuntum, a widow whose daughter accidentally invented the dish by spilling coconut milk into a rice pot. “What did you cook?” Mak asked and her daughter answered. “Nasi le, Mak!” (Rice, mother!)

Nasi lemak – which translates from Malay as “rich rice” – is so well-loved that in 2017, Miss Universe Malaysia competed in a nasi lemak costume, and McDonald’s Singapore even created a burger in honour of the dish.

According to the page, the Google Doodle titled “Celebrating Nasi Lemak” appears on the Google page for users in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Watch the Google Doodle video here:

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