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Instagram account linking feature under development

Instagram could bring account linking to users soon. — Reuters pic


SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 6 ― According to TechCrunch, whose writers spoke with social media researcher Ishan Agarwal, code in Instagram for Android’s alpha version APK files exists for a feature allowing users to link all Insta profiles to a single account.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t allow users to manage multiple accounts very easily. Whether you’re posting vacation pics to your personal profile, sharing job postings to your business’s page, or uploading pics featuring your internet-famous cat to a fan page, Facebook allows users to accomplish all of this through one main profile account.

Unfortunately for Instagrammers who publish material for their job, personal life, and blog, they have to log in and out of accounts to post onto different profiles; fortunately, though, a solution appears to be in the works according to TechCrunch, who was tipped off by social media researcher Ishan Agarwal.

According to Agarwal, there is code for “’Account Linking’ in the Instagram for Android alpha version’s APK files” which will potentially allow users to connect and access their multiple accounts with one ID and password ― that of the account which you designate as the main account.

Like your business page remains separate from your personal page on Facebook, the Instagram accounts will still be independent of one another. This quicker log-in method to Instagram could lend itself to quicker log-ins on non-Instagram platforms, too, just like you can login to Spotify or Netflix with Facebook.

While the code exists, Instagram declined to comment on the matter. This could be because the feature is not complete, it’s being tested internally, or it may not ever reach the public platform. For now, you’ll have to continue manually swapping between accounts to manage them. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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