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Kepong hawkers have until Feb 2019 to clear roadside tables, DAP MP warns

MP Lim Lip Eng points at some tables and chairs stacked by the corridor of a restaurant in Kepong. ― Picture by Ham Abu Bakar

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 24 ― Kepong MP Lim Lip Eng has given a deadline of February 2019 for roadside diners in his constituency to clear tables set up on carparks.

The DAP MP said this deadline was in response to hawkers who asked that they be allowed to operate their businesses in such way until the Chinese New Year, to cater to the surge of customers.

“This is the agreement I have with many of the Kepong coffee shop owners. They appealed to me, they said allow them to carry on this way until Chinese New Year is over, because they expect that for Chinese New Year,  a lot of customers will come, sit at the roadside, so agree,” Lim told Malay Mail.

Lim also said he had already made several complaints to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) but the situation is still left unchecked, as he cautioned about the hit-and-run incident outside a restaurant in Serdang which saw one dead.

He also accused some DBKL officers in charge of vetting restaurants of accepting bribes, to allow the dangerous practise to continue, forsaking the safety of diners.

This he said, prompted him to stop lodging such reports until the deadline, fearing that many more would indulge in the trend, by resorting to bribing DBKL authorities.

“Because in a way I created opportunity for parties to be corrupted. DBKL officers will come, and they will take bribes and allow them to continue to put their tables and chairs outside.

“I’m not saying all DBKL officers, but a few. A few of the rotten eggs or apples within DBKL,” said Lim.

He also warned restaurant owners that since he has delayed his deadline, the hawkers and DBKL shall be held responsible for any untoward incidents.

He said that he will start actively forcing DBKL to act on such restaurants after the deadline, filing which, demand the resignation of the City Hall officers in charge.

“After February, I will makes sure DBKL will wipe out all tables and chairs from the proper car parks in Kepong parliamentary constituency.

“If after February next year, I can still see tables and chairs at carparks in Kepong, I will want DBKL officers in charge to resign. Because if for a simple matter like this; tables and chairs illegally occupying carparks, and DBKL cannot solve it,  what can we expect from DBKL?” Lim asked

In the incident in Serdang that took place last week, around 8.15pm, a four-wheel-drive ploughed into diners outside a restaurant in Taman Equine.

Police investigators said the driver made no attempt to stop and rammed into the patrons seated outside the food outlet.

The 20-year-old driver has since been caught and charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code with murdering Wong Sow Lin, 58, on November 18, The Star reported.

Three others were also left injured from the accident.


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