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Singapore will be world’s first to get McDonald’s new Hello Kitty meal carrier when it launches Nov 14

The Hello Kitty carrier will make its worldwide debut in Singapore at a price of S$7.90 on Nov 14, 2019.

McDonald’s Singapore is doing it again.

Just as the hype over its limited edition loungewear is dying out, the fast food giant is now launching another highly-anticipated item – the Hello Kitty meal carrier.

A similar meal carrier in the likeness of Hello Kitty’s friend My Melody sent scalpers (and fans, but mostly scalpers) in a frenzy last year.

At S$7.90, the Hello Kitty carrier will cost S$1 more than the previous model, and customers must buy an Extra Value Meal or Doubles Feast to purchase it. Only two carriers can be bought per transaction, McDonald’s Singapore said in a Facebook post.

The plastic carrier, which really looks more like a bucket, can be used as a bag or hung behind a car seat, the company said in a statement.

If we have learned anything from history, we’ll know that queues will probably begin way before the 7am launch time on November 14.

And no, you will not be able to buy it via Drive-Thru, McDelivery or Grab.

To drum up excitement over the global launch, McDonald’s Singapore has even made a dedicated commercial starring the Japanese-made British schoolgirl (Sanrio says she’s not a cat), as well as a limited-time filter that can now be found on the restaurant’s Singapore Instagram page.

All we can say is: please don’t fight, hor!

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