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YouTube video shows the moment Hong Kong police shot a 21-year-old, and the chaos that ensued

A 21-year-old protester was shot by Hong Kong police on November 11 morning, in an incident that was captured on video and livestreamed on Facebook.
YouTube/Cupid Producer

A Hong Kong protester is in critical conditioned after being shot by a live round during an altercation with police on Monday (Nov 11) morning.

The protester, identified by South China Morning Post (SCMP) as a 21-year-old with the surname Chow, reportedly underwent an operation. According to SCMP, the bullet, which ruptured his liver and kidney, has been removed.

In a live report, the Hong Kong-based news website reported that three live round were fired just before 8am at Sai Wan Ho.

A video showing the shooting soon surfaced online via the page of YouTube user Cupid Producer.  In the 36-second video, a police officer can be seen grappling with a masked individual. About two seconds into the video, the officer points his gun at a second protester approaching him.

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At the fourth second, the gun can be heard going off and the masked protester crouches down before quickly falling to the ground.

According to BBC, the shooting was also livestreamed on Facebook.

The same YouTube creator later uploaded a longer video lasting over 19 minutes, showing what happened at the scene before and after the shooting.

In the extended version of the video, a major crossroad can be seen at a standstill as rubbish and debris are strewn across the floor. The quiet of the streets was then abruptly interrupted by shouting. When the YouTuber turns to film the source of the noise, some individuals clad in black can be seen fleeing on foot.

One policeman, who the YouTuber says is a traffic police officer, appears to give up chase to walk away. But the mood quickly changes when he suddenly turns to point his gun at a masked individual approaching him.

The first individual approaching the police officer.
YouTube/Cupid Producer

Just as the two were grappling, Chow approaches the officer, who then turns the gun on him.

Chow falls to the ground after being shot.
YouTube/Cupid Producer

After the shooting, a group of people charge towards the officer, who retaliates by firing more rounds.

More rounds are fired as more masked individuals run up to surround the policeman.
YouTube/Cupid Producer

Two people, including the wounded Chow, are then subdued as more police backup – including riot police – arrives. Members of an angry crowd who refused to step back as told were later pepper sprayed.

The YouTuber can later be heard sobbing uncontrollably, explaining that the incident had left him emotional.

In its live report, SCMP said that the officer who fired the live round has since been doxxed on social media, with several netizens publicising information on his wife and two young daughters. Threats were also made to harm the girls, SCMP said.

Monday’s chaos was not restricted to Sai Wan Ho in Hong Kong. According to SCMP, several other disruptions – including a fire at Hang Hau MTR station and petrol bombs thrown in to a train with passengers – also affected morning rush hour traffic. Several universities in Hong Kong also cancelled classes as a result.

At one point, a truck driver was attacked after he got out of his vehicle to remove barricades placed on the road by protesters, SCMP said.

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